Lauwers, Yale restaurant owner blast governor’s latest extension

Lauwers, Yale restaurant owner blast governor’s latest extension

‘The governor’s disregard for those suffering is heartless and heartbreaking’

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Dan Lauwers on Wednesday visited a Yale restaurant hit hard by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s extension of the state ban on in-person dining and condemned the governor’s actions devastating the restaurant industry.

“The governor has repeatedly asserted she is making her decisions based on science, but she has failed to back up her claims — and the data does not indicate that restaurants are prominent sources of virus spread,” said Lauwers, R-Brockway Township. “Her callous assertions ring hollow, especially in the ears of the millions of job providers and workers who are suffering because of her inept policies.”

Lauwers held a press conference at the Roadhouse 19 restaurant in Yale. He was joined by the restaurant’s owner, David Scholz, who shared the account of how the governor’s shutdowns have nearly destroyed his business and overwhelmed his employees.

“We have put our life savings in our business,” Scholz said. “And we are going broke fast, as it is costing us approximately $5,000 a month to stay closed — not including all the food that we lost.

“Plus, our employees are struggling with no income. They are very important to us; they are like family. It is very hard not to be able to help them.

“Please let us open before we all lose everything — and not just our restaurant, but all restaurants.”

Lauwers noted that the three key metrics the state is using to guide COVID-19 reopening decisions have improved since the epidemic order issued in November: As of Jan. 16, the number of confirmed daily COVID-19 cases per million has been cut by 92%, the daily positive test percentage is down by more than 57%, and hospitalizations have dropped by 42%.

The shutdown of indoor dining was set to expire on Jan. 16, but on Jan. 13, the governor and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) announced they are extending the state’s ban on in-person dining at restaurants through Feb. 1.

“In December, I called on the governor or DHHS Director Robert Gordon to provide Michiganders with objective standards and/or COVID-19 case rates for restaurant owners to be able to take action and make plans in order to reopen,” Lauwers said. “They completely ignored this simple request.

“The governor’s disregard for those suffering, such as David Scholz and his employees, is heartless and heartbreaking. I hope somehow the governor would realize her mistake, reverse course, and open restaurants today.”

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