Lawmakers call for investigation into governor’s COVID-19 nursing home policies

Some fellow Michigan lawmakers recently sent letters to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and the U.S. Department of Justice, calling for a full investigation into Gov. Whitmer’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and her nursing home policies.

Michigan, at the direction of Gov. Whitmer, was one of the only states that brought COVID-19-positive people into nursing homes as a matter of policy. To date, 36% of our state’s COVID-19 deaths have occurred among nursing home and long-term care facility populations.

The administration owes Michigan families answers about how this was allowed to happen. Why did the governor ignore health experts, like the Health Care Association of Michigan, who warned about her policies and why their public coronavirus reporting has not been transparent?

Despite the horrific statistics and months of frustration and questioning by Republican lawmakers and others, the Whitmer administration has defended the policy. In September, when the governor’s previous Department of Health and Human Services director was asked why it took so long to form a task force to find ways to keep nursing home residents safe, he responded, “We were busy.”

I hope Attorney General Nessel isn’t too busy to respond to calls for an investigation into the governor’s policy.

The Michigan families who’ve lost loved ones in nursing homes need to know why this policy was able to take place. These families deserve answers.