Attorney general refuses to investigate governor’s nursing home policy

Earlier this week, Attorney General Dana Nessel announced her office will not investigate Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s nursing home policies.

Attorney General Nessel’s refuses is a failure to fulfil the responsibilities she was elected to perform. Michigan was one of only five states whose executive orders forced nursing homes to take COVID-19-positive patients into the same facilities as the people who are at the highest risk.

There are many grieving families throughout Michigan who have lost family members because of the policies our governor and her administration implemented. These families deserve answers. Instead of providing these families closure, Attorney General Nessel is turning her back on them and her responsibilities as an elected official.

The attorney general’s response comes at the same time as increased calls for an investigation into the state’s COVID-19 nursing home policies by local officials. On Thursday, the Senate adopted Senate Resolution 31. The resolution states, “We encourage county prosecutors to fill the gap left by the attorney general and pursue appropriate and reasonable investigations into the governor’s nursing home policy and the reported data on deaths in nursing homes.”

Macomb County’s prosecutor recently announced measures to clear the way for criminal complaints against the Whitmer administration. A lawsuit from Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist Charlie LeDuff for the release of nursing home virus data also has been filed.

My colleagues and I have repeatedly asked the Whitmer administration to release the data that was used while enacting these policies, and repeatedly we have received nothing from the governor’s office. An investigation by our state’s attorney general is now required.